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Simplifying my Approach

Complicated never gets Done


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Babbage's Difference Engine; complicated machinery

I had a grand scheme for my re-boot of my personal site at the start of the year – multiple sites, organized by topic areas populated and cross-referenced from a single source. It was going to be glorious.

Problem with glorious? It’s hard to complete glorious.

And I was starting to desperately miss having a place to blog to… so today I bit the bullet, ditched my attempt to use GatsbyJS, switched to Hugo and a fairly plain setup… and here we are!

I’ve also given up on my complete archive of old posts from my previous site. For now that means my 365-challenge is off-the air, but I plan to go back and scavenge the better posts and back-populate them as time passes.

This drastic move was more about the future than the past though.

Unless I’m just misleading myself I am looking forward to bringing more new content to my little corner of the web.

And if you don’t like everything I talk about, check out the “Categories” at the top – I intend to do my best to keep posts organized in appropriate categories so you can skip over my: gym routine, techno-babble, personal life, or any combination thereof to your own personal taste.

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