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Hi, I’m Jerry.

I am Dutch.

I live in Sydney, Australia.
I remote-work for Heap in San Francisco.

Zone of Truth

I failed my Charisma saving throw, so just the truth… I’ve worked in IT now for about two decades in programming, management, analysis, architecture, devops, security, and policy/compliance.

Technology is my passion, but that’s just the tiny gears in a much larger complex whole. Of my off-time, I spend too much with visual entertainment and books, so yoga is my willing penance. And more recently D&D has started taking on a larger looming spectre.

This site is an ambitious project, and I suspect there is a 5050 chance of it succeeding as intended.

Roll percentile-dice!

Plane Shift

You are transported to a different plane of existence.

You can specify a target destination in general terms, such as “Jerry’s D&D obsession”, or “That 365 day thing” and you appear at or near that shared interest or part of my personality.

Project Image

You create an illusory copy of yourself; the illusion looks and sounds like you and accurately reflects your work experience but is intangible. If the illusion takes any damage, it disappears, and your job application fails.


Dates Company Role
Sep 2017 - ongoing Heap Software Developer
DevOps Monkey
Feb 2015 - Aug 2017 Campaign Monitor Software Engineer
Team Lead
Delivery Lead
Aug 2003 - Dec 2014 AEMO Senior Developer
Manager Settlements, Forecasting and Services


Skill Details
Privacy / Security SOC-2, GDPR Compliance, Data Protection Officer duties, Certified member of International Association of Privacy Professionals; CIPM, CIPP/E.
DevOps Infrastructure-as-code setup in AWS using Terraform and SaltStack, with focus on security and scalability.
Node.js Large system back-end development under Node.js using TypeScript and CoffeeScript.
Agile Delivery lead for engineering using Lean / Kanban processes.
.NET High performance low-level multi-threaded C# development.


You can send a short message to a creature with which you are familiar. The creature recognizes you as the sender if it knows you and may answer if it feels so inclined. You can send the message across any distance and even to other planes of existence.

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Hi, I'm Jerry.
I am Dutch.
I live in Sydney, Australia.
I remote-work for Heap in San Francisco.